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How to Ease Our Discontent

ease our discontentIt has been a very unsettling year, dealing with the coronavirus, and the fallout rippling effects of teaching children at home, massive unemployment, and cabin fever! We all seem to be getting to that point where we cannot take much more. And yet, with no end in sight, we most likely will deal with this coronavirus for some time to come. So, how might we ease our discontent and find contentment in these challenging times?

Ease Our Discontent

One way to ease our discontent is to learn how to make do with less. If, like my household, you have an unemployed loved one. because of COVID-19, well, then money is tighter than normal. Consider this: You save money on the cost of gasoline, because you shelter in place. You save money on meals when eating at home. Use this opportunity to sharpen your cooking skills. I know my husband has become quite the chef in our home!

That’s just one example of how to look at life when facing adversity. One’s positive perspective, on any situation, is how we move from discontent to contentment. Rather than looking at what we lost, look at the opportunities now in front of us. Take stock of the blessings of sheltering in place. For me, I get to spend more time with my husband. And, our sheltering in place keeps us both healthy.

When dealing with adversity, God gives us opportunity to grow in faith, patience, and humility, as well as many other virtues. Most specifically, He gives us the opportunity to embrace the virtue of contentment. Think of it this way: Maybe the challenge you conquer today is God’s way of opening a door for you to a better tomorrow. If we all have hope, that will ease our discontent, leading us toward contentment.

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