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How God Called Me in the Confessional

God Called MeThree years ago, this past weekend, I went to confession and experienced something I never thought would happen. As I finished my confession, I told the Pastor that my husband and I were transferring to his Parish. I said that I would call him the following week to see where I might best fit from a volunteer perspective. And — that is the moment when God called me!

God Called Me

So, with a long line waiting outside of the Confessional, the Pastor proceeded to ask me about myself. I told him what I did in the past as a volunteer, and what I do now, as an adjunct professor of Theology, and then it came – boom! “You know, I just had my RCIA Coordinator tell me that he is moving, and I’ll need a new RCIA Coordinator. Would you like to do that?”

Here I am sitting in the Confessional, technically talking to Christ (along with the pastor). How could I say no? Up to that point, my only participation with the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) was as a sponsor (for about three months). Let’s just say that I was a bit nervous taking on such a huge responsibility. Being an RCIA Coordinator entails the following:

  • Building a capable team charged with presenting the Faith to those interested in becoming Catholic
  • Developing a teaching schedule for a year-round program
  • Overseeing the development of weekly lesson plans
  • Teaching the faith to those wishing to convert to Catholicism
  • Guiding the participants through the four-phase process to full communion with the Catholic Church

God Knew What He Was Doing, Even Though I Didn’t!

The Pastor barely knew me, but Christ knows me better than I know myself. In that Confessional Christ asked me to take on this responsibility. And God never gives us more than we can handle. So, I knew that it was God who called me that day, and I answered yes! He never left me alone to fend for myself. For example, He had the Holy Spirit pave the way for me. The Holy Spirit brought me a top-notch team of people to teach the faith.

Three years later, this ministry brings me great joy. I, along with my team, have built a wonderful program. Each presenter, sponsor and Dismissal Minister brings their own life experiences, and talents, thus enriching the entire program. As each participant, who chooses to do so, becomes Catholic and receives their sacraments, I am filled with humble gratitude and immense joy for having had the honor to walk by their side to the altar of Our Lord.

God Blessed Me

So here is my warning for every Catholic entering the Confessional: Be ready to say yes to Christ, because God can call you to service, even in the Confessional! And that verse from Matt 11:30 is so true: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light!” God certainly knew what he was doing that day, because this ministry work makes me so happy.

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