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Hope Livingstone’s Surprise: The Back Story

Hope's Surprise

Hope Livingstone, and her family, had just moved into a new house, in a new town. Life was chaotic. Boxes were everywhere. Peanuts were flying out of boxes, thanks to Hope’s little sister Charity. Hope didn’t mind that it would mean that Hope would need to clean it all up. Hope thought moving was exciting! Everywhere she turned, she found a new surprise, as she explored every nook and cranny of their new house!

Hope always looks at life as if it were an adventure; something to explore; treasures to find. So moving was thrilling to Hope, who possesses an optimistic nature. She approaches life with an easy-breezy style. Nothing ever really bothers her; that is, until she couldn’t find her favorite toy.

“Where is it?” Hope said aloud.

“Where’s what?” asked her older sister, Faith.

“I can’t find Lambie, my favorite stuffed animal. I need my Lambie,” said Hope.

Faith responded, “I’ll help you find him. He has to be in one of these boxes.”

The girls started scouring through the boxes, finding one surprise after another in each box they opened.

“Hey, here’s our favorite card game,” declared Faith.

“Wow, look Faith,” said Hope, “Here’s some pictures of the whole family at Disney World. We had a good time together there this summer, didn’t we?”

Lost amidst the treasures before their eyes, they soon forgot about Lambie. Instead, they came to realize that having each other was more important. Even though Lambie was still tucked away in some unopened box, Hope would sleep well tonight, because she had Faith.

I hope you enjoyed this “back-story” to Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience. You can learn more about the book and how to get your signed copy here.

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