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Honesty: Where Does It Really Get You?

Honesty How do you want to be perceived by others? Do you want to be perceived in light of honesty and trustworthiness? I’m sure the answer is yes; who wouldn’t want to be perceived in such a manner? Well, to be considered honest and trustworthy, you have to be honest and trustworthy in your words and actions. Even con men get found out sooner or later; so deception will never win the day for you.

So, “everyone lies,” you say? Even if that were true, does that give you the right to lie? Just because everyone else does it, does that make it morally right for you? The answer is “no!”

For 36 years, I was a banking professional; more specifically, for 23 of those 36 years I was an auditor for a few banks. Therefore, I know what it feels like to be lied to by an audit client. It’s amazing what people think they can get away with, only to be proven dishonest. I don’t know what it is like for you, but for me, once I have found out that you have lied to me, I lose all trust in you. Your dishonesty leads to a diminishment of your integrity in my eyes.

Is honesty really the best policy?

Your honesty, trustworthiness and integrity are the only things that you get to take with you when you pass from this life to the next. If you don’t possess these virtues in the here and now, what makes you think that they will automatically appear and you will have possession of them instantaneously in the next life?

God gives us each and every day to work on these virtues; to engrain them into the tapestry of our lives. So, where do you start? Start by stopping the lies that you tell to yourself, about yourself. Begin to see you through God’s eyes, as His beloved child, worthy of the truth. Next, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to always tell the truth tactfully in your business dealings and in conversations with your family and friends. I suggest praying for courage, because there are times when telling the truth may result in consequences, such as losing a job. I say fear not! Always tell the truth and God will always see you through any such situation.

Live by the truth!

In my career, I have seen one person die of a heart attack from the stress of a bank merger, because he was asked to do things that went against his moral values. I’ve seen another person commit suicide because he couldn’t convince upper management to believe the truth about a poor product that they were so gung-ho to release. No job is worth putting yourself into such restraints. When upper management doesn’t want to hear the truth, it’s time for you to find another job. Never compromise your own moral values for a paycheck. Put your full faith and trust in God. Live by the truth. Honesty will then not only save your earthly life, but also your eternal life. That’s where honesty will really get you.

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