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Holy Week is Here! When Have You Failed Jesus?

Holy Week We begin Holy Week, with Palm Sunday, where we remember Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. At Palm Sunday Mass, we hear the Passion of Our Lord and receive blessed palms. Then, we place those blessed palms in cherished places of honor within our homes. We spend Holy Week in quiet reflection of Jesus and His sacrifice, as it is the holiest week of the Christian year. We remember Christ’s passion, death and resurrection; His sacrifice for our sins. We also scurry around in preparation for our Easter Feast, just as our ancestors scurried to prepare the Passover Feast. Yet, let’s stop for a moment and bring ourselves back in time 2,000+ years:

It’s time to sacrifice the Passover lamb. We need to make plans to use the Upper Room for the feast. We must prepare the food for the occasion, and Judas Iscariot must make plans as well. Satan enters Judas (Luke 22:3), who meets with the chief priests to plot a plan for Jesus’ arrest. By handing Jesus over to the chief priests, Judas assures payment for his efforts. Oh, how he compromised his soul!

Holy Week: A Time for Reflection

How have you compromised your own soul for a paltry sum? Did it occur when you looked the other way and allowed violence to persist in your family/neighborhood? Or might it have been when you failed to stand for the truths of the Christian faith and acquiesced to the rights to abortion and same-sex marriage, because it was easier to just “get along”? When have you fallen short and failed Jesus, denied Jesus, or plainly sold Jesus out?

As we take the time to read the Passion of Our Lord this week, many find it easy to relate to Saint Peter’s denial of Christ. But, how many of us are honest enough to say that, at times, we are like Judas Iscariot as well? Where do we need to make change in our lives and ask Jesus for forgiveness? What do we need to do to make things right with God and our neighbor? Think about that this week. Then, take appropriate action to rectify your situation, by asking for Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness.

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