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Holy Wednesday: The Day Before the World Would Change Forever

Holy Wednesday Many people approach Holy Week in great anticipation of liturgical rites scheduled for Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Many even enjoy taking part in the blessing of their Easter food on Holy Saturday. For me, I find Holy Wednesday to be quite intriguing every year; for Holy Wednesday is representative of the day before the world would change forever! By that I mean that on Holy Thursday, the Lord would institute the sacrament of the Eucharist, where He would, for the first time, change bread and wine into His own Precious Body and Blood.

Jesus knew exactly what would happen over the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday-Friday-Saturday). Therefore, everything was in place,  with a plan ready to execute. I often wonder what was going through Jesus’ mind on Holy Wednesday. I’m sure that He made the most of the day, surrounded by His mother, friends and followers – loving others and being loved in return.

Approaching Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday is the “calm before the storm.” I always take solace in the calm of this day. I make a special effort to go to Adoration on Holy Wednesday; to spend an hour with my God, in the peaceful surroundings of my local parish Church. I enjoy visiting with the Lord, where His Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the Monstrance. Choosing to go on this day makes Holy Wednesday special. I am fortunate that my parish routinely exposes the Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday afternoon and evening. Yet, on this Wednesday, my visit is different; more meaningful, more purposeful. Meditating on the mystery of the Eucharist, I offer special prayers for those who offend God; in reparation for their sins, and for my own.

We all need to set aside some quiet prayer time to be alone with God; to enhance our relationships with Him; to grow closer to Him. I hope that you, too, will take advantage of this opportunity today. Join me, by spending some quiet time with God, during this calm before the storm. What better time to do so, then in remembrance of the day before the world would change forever!

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  • I’ve just been to my subparish church where mother Mary came to visit us. It’s a move that was planned by the parish priest of my subparish to carry her Ornament to every subparish in his area. I’m so glad to have been one of the followers of Christ who took part in welcoming Mama Maria to our church. My subparish is called St.Edward while the parish it is under is called St.Padre Pio. Uganda kabulamuliro Entebbe.

  • This is great advice! It’s so easy to get caught up with the Triduum. I love the idea of stopping to spend time and connect with God first.

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