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Hijacked, by Leslie Lynch – Book Review of Catholic Fiction

Hijacked Hold onto your knickers, because you are about to be taken on one heck of a ride with Hijacked, by Leslie Lynch. Ben Martin, undercover DEA agent, finds himself between a rock and a hard place after a drug bust goes bad, leaving him with a bullet wound in his shoulder and a need to escape – quickly! He sees no other outlet than a small plane going through pre-flight checks at a small airfield. The lone pilot should be easy to overtake, thought Ben – and away we go!

As Ben hijacks the plane, he learns the pilot is a woman, one Lannis Parker. As Lannis is forced to fly Ben out of harm’s way (by the barrel of Ben’s gun), the adventure begins; so too, a relationship, of sorts, between captive and captor. You see, the actual hijacking is only one-half of the story. Once the plane lands, Ben must keep Lannis captive for several days, so that she will be safe from the people after Ben. What follows is an examination of the human soul in relationship, one to another.

This story is filled with pain, as Lannis deals with her past, present and future, both during and after the hijack escapade. Yet, this story is also filled with the sincerest form of love, honor, compassion, loyalty and friendship, as Ben explores the nuances, and depth, that make up Lannis Parker. He sees more worth in Lannis than Lannis sees in herself.

After being held captive, at gunpoint, is there any way Lannis could trust Ben, as he kept asking her to do? How might Ben help Lannis deal with her demons? How can he draw Lannis’ goodness to the surface, and help her to see that goodness for herself? Where would this relationship of captor and captive take them? Was it Stockholm Syndrome, or was this different?

As I turned each page, I was on high alert for answers to my questions. Leslie Lynch did not disappoint! The plot for this story was well laid out. The characters were compelling. The emotional struggles of Lannis Parker were real, oh, so real.

Are you ready to be Hijacked?

If you are looking for a good read, any time of year, then I highly recommend this book. However, you might want to save this read for a comfy chair in front of the fire, and not while traveling by air.

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