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Hello Summer! Embrace the Season with Gratitude

hello summer Today marks the first day of Summer. It’s a time of year when families come together to refresh mind, body and spirit. Perhaps it’s a trip to the mountains, or a week at the beach; whatever your pleasure, I hope that you experience much peace, joy and fond memories this summer.

Summer is a time when we can sit back and take stock of all of our blessings. Perhaps it is a stable job and health insurance. Perhaps it is news of improved health of a loved one. Whatever your blessings, I pray that the Holy Spirit fills you with gratitude.

Summer is a time when the trees are in full bloom; roses abound to paint the landscape. Perhaps it is a time to celebrate life’s milestones like anniversaries, graduations and weddings. Whatever your reasons for celebration, share your love, truth and hope with others..

Celebrate Summer with Our Lord!

As the children finish out the school year, and you get an opportunity to dial back the fast paced movement of the past few months, and lull into Summer, remember Who made those mountains and beaches. Remember Who blessed you with the good things in this life. Remember Who gave you cause to celebrate.

Just as the vacation destination awaits your booking, or the party hosts for the anniversary, graduation and wedding events await your RSVP, the Lord awaits your invitation for Him to actively enter into your life. Invite Our Lord to be with you this Summer and enjoy His presence in your life. Make it a point to personally invite Him with you on vacation, or to a celebration. Make it a point to offer your thanks for all of His blessings. Make it a point to enjoy this time, gifted to you by Our Lord.

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