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My Heart Beats for Christ! For Whom Does Your Heart Beat?

Heart Beats I was recently at the doctor’s office for my annual visit. While sitting in the examining room, with nothing to do but wait, I read the ad on the door. It showed a picture of an older woman, holding a placard that said, “My heart beats for______.” She filled in the blank with “my grandkids.” She had a huge smile on her face. The ad promoted preventative health exams.

As I sat there looking at the ad, I asked myself, for whom does my heart beat? I hope my husband isn’t too disappointed, but my first instinct was to answer, “My Heart beats for Christ!” Sitting there in awe for a minute, I realized my response, as well as my accompanying relationship with Christ. I love my husband very much. We’ve been together almost 40 years (married more than 37 years). Yet my response was Christ. I live for Christ; to do His will.

My Heart Beats for Christ

I cannot say that Christ would have always been my first response. In my early thirties I was a lukewarm Catholic, fulfilling my weekly duty to show up at Mass. In my forties, as I got more engaged with my faith, I moved to the status of Cafeteria Catholic; passionate about some aspects of the faith, ignoring/discounting other aspects. It wasn’t until I entered my fifties, that I really started to take my faith seriously. In this last decade, the Holy Spirit set my heart afire with a deep love for the Blessed Trinity.

Jesus created within me a great desire to serve Him. He qualified me by honing my talents as a published author, public speaker and advocate for the faith. Christ leads, and I follow, because my heart beats for Christ. Next March, I enter my sixties! I can only imagine what the Lord has in store for me, as I continue on this journey, growing in faith and virtue.

For whom does your heart beat?

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