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Hatred Breeds Pain, Respect Breeds Love

respect breeds loveI do not like the hatred and divisiveness, overtly promoted by the President of the United States, permeating throughout our country. His words are hurtful and racist. They are demeaning, and filled with vindictiveness. By his actions, I have witnessed him violating the Fifth Commandment many times. To violate the Fifth Commandment, you need not merely kill someone. You can violate the Fifth Commandment through expressions of hatred, anger, abusive language, resentment, vindictiveness, and yes, via expressions of racism. We CANNOT follow his example by jeering racist chants at rallies. Nor, should we follow his example by tweeting offensive commentary on Twitter. Nor, should we condone his despicable behavior toward the vulnerable immigrant, the person of color, and the marginalized. Instead, we need to cling to respect, for respect breeds love.

Respect Breeds Love

We need to:

  1. Channel our energy towards doing good.
  2. Express respect for others, especially those who do not look, or act, like us.
  3. Reach out and show compassion to the vulnerable immigrant, seeking a better life.
  4. Enter into dialogue with those of another race to learn of their life’s experience and come to a better understanding, through empathy, of their condition.
  5. Reject Donald Trump’s hateful, divisive, demeaning and demoralizing persona.
  6. Show the world that America has “better angels” than what is portrayed today.

It’s time that we stand up for what is right, and be the Christ-like people we are called to be. For, when we embrace respect, we find that respect breeds love, and God is Love (1 John 4:8). I’m on God’s side. How about you? Will you stand with me and disavow the negativity and divisiveness, the hatred and racism? I pray you will.

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