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Got the Summertime Blues?

Summertime BluesIt’s July and the year is half over. So, why does it feel like this year is taking forever to slog through? Could we be suffering from the summertime blues? I, for one, dislike the heat. However, I think it is more than that. Our country has had to deal with an impeachment of a President (forgot about that already?), a deadly virus, civil unrest, massive unemployment, and an unsteady stock market. With all this upheaval, what can we count on? Uncertainty!

Summertime Blues

As we move to the second half of the year, I think the summertime blues will continue. Governmental corruption continues. The deadly virus resolutely waits to pounce. Systemic racism requires time and hard work to address properly. And unemployment and stock market movements sputter up and down. How can we cope in such times as these?

Turn to God

I’m the type of person who feels compelled to fix things. I’m a problem solver. However, with all this uncertainty and upheaval, I’m overwhelmed. So, in times like these, I turn to God. He quickly reminds me that I need to stop trying to do His job and let Him do His job.

Here’s what we can do: Express our concerns to God, through prayer. He wants to hear from us. And just like all those protesting for Justice who got the attention of Congress, so, too, do our prayers get God’s attention. He hears all our prayers and answers them in accordance with His Will. So, when life gets a bit too real for you, like this year has for me, turn to God in prayer. Ask Him to take action to root out corruption, to end the pandemic, to bring His justice and peace to all, to provide work for the unemployed, and to set us all on the right path.  Ask Him to heal our divisiveness and societal ills. Prayer also calms the spirit. And in times of such great uncertainty, calm is what we need!

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