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God First, Country Second: A Call to Unity

God First I don’t know about you, but I have come to realize that I no longer need to look at the bottom of a TV screen to determine if the person speaking is a Democrat or a Republican. Those days of sharing common interests, across the aisles, are long gone. Today, each side toes the party line, tossing aside one’s own personal beliefs for the sake of the party. Somewhere in that logic, people forgot about God first, country second. You can hear it in the tone and rhetoric of discord. This ever-present disunity is the last thing Jesus would want for us.

Putting God First

Jesus was rather specific when He said:

Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one as we are (John 17:11).

As Christians, in Jesus’ name, we are expected to be of one accord, united in faith, living lives in a Christ-like manner. Symbiotic, so to speak; all singing off of the same page. We are expected to place God first in all that we say and do; then our country. Somewhere, way down on the list comes party affiliation. What has happened to our society?

In today’s news, I see very little placement of God first, and very little placement of country second. Instead, I see bickering, demonization of opponents and divisive partisanship. I see the opposite of Christ-like behavior. How do we right this ship?

What Can We Do to Change for the Better?

For starters, we need to start listening to each other; rather than talking at each other. We need to place ourselves in the other person’s shoes and see life from the other’s perspective. What are their concerns, and why are they so concerned about it? Are we basing our opinions on truth, or pride? Are we seeking what is best for the common good? Or are we acting with greed to seek what is best for ourselves? We need to uproot pride and greed from both sides Be humbler and more magnanimous with each other. Place God first, and country second in all that you say and do. Let’s unite and work together, for the betterment of the common good and the dignity of man.

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