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Giving Thanks for Those Who Gave All

Giving ThanksToday is Memorial Day, here in the United States. We dedicate today in remembrance of the those who gave their all, in defense of our country. Giving thanks is the least we can do for those who gave their lives, so that we might live freely. It takes much bravery to shed one’s blood for the unconditional love of one’s fellow countrymen. These soldiers acted in a very Christ-like manner, remembering Christ’s own words:

No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (John 15:13).

As Jesus gave His life, on the Cross, to defeat sin and death, our deceased soldiers gave their lives to preserve our freedom. Unlike Christ, who knows us intimately, these soldiers don’t even know our names. Yet, they gave their all for our sake. That is ultimate human love and generosity at its best.

Giving Thanks for Those Who Gave Some and Those Who Gave All

So, today, if you come across a Veteran, thank him/her for their service. Then say a prayer for those souls no longer with us, that they may be resting in Christ’s Peace. Giving thanks for our soldier’s sacrifice is the least we can do for those who gave some, and those who gave all.

Here’s a very poignant video, very apropos for today, by Billy Ray Cyrus, titled “Some Gave All.” I hope it touches your heart as much as it touched mine. Let it remind all of us to return that unconditional love, with our deepest respect, for all who served to protect our freedom.

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