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Gentleness Costs Nothing, But Reaps Much!

Gentleness Costs NothingAre you harsh with your words? Do you make others feel diminished at the expense of your temperament? What might that cost you? Some treasured relationships? Maybe, a promotion? There is a cost to being mean. On the other hand, gentleness costs nothing, but reaps much in the way of rewards.

Gentleness Costs Nothing

When we treat others with disdain, we tend to lose their respect. Most people do not appreciate “bullies.” In fact, most people would like to silence bullies. I can guarantee to you that bullies have few friends, if any. God did not make us to demean and ridicule others. Rather, God made us as social beings, meant to live in community with each other. He would like for all of us to get along. Remember, “Love your neighbor”? Well that includes loving the bullies, too! So, for all of you bullies out there, who would actually like to have some true friends, here’s how to make that happen:

  1. Watch your tongue! Think twice before opening your mouth. Rather than being mean, try saying something nice. Give the other person a compliment – one that you believe to be true.
  2. Stop ridiculing and mocking others. Rather than cracking jokes at someone else’s expense, seek to understand what the person might be going through. Show a little empathy.
  3. Stop the violence. Refrain from using your fists to pummel your “enemy.” Rather, open you hand, in friendship.

All of these measures require the strength of applying gentleness. Gentleness costs nothing. What might you garner, if you embrace the virtue of gentleness? Well, you might receive respect and acceptance from others. You just might develop real friendships.  But most of all, you will be a better person. And, we could all use less bullies and more gentleness in today’s society.

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  • “Gentleness Costs Nothing But Reaps Much” is such a beautiful context for everything. “Rather than being mean, try saying something nice” are words of gold. “Stop ridiculing and mocking others” is the right path to empathy. “Refrain from using your fists, Rather, open your hand, in friendship”. You have a way with your words!

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