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From the Hub to the Heart Book Review

Hub to Heart

“Heart” is what From the Hub to the Heart; My Journey is all about. In this autobiography, Andrew Lavallee, along with the assistance of Leticia Velasquez, tells a heart-warming story of how to move from sin to virtue. “Andy” as he calls himself, was not so saintly growing up on the tough streets of Charlestown, MA. He hung around with a tough crowd. He drank and gambled quite a bit. God was far from his mind as he navigated through his youthful years.

In From the Hub to the Heart; My Journey, we learn though Andy’s life experiences, how to forgive others for the pain they caused us; how to forgive ourselves, and most importantly, how to grow closer to God. Andy teaches us by his example, how to give one’s life over to God, and live a happier life in the process. Such action not only positively impacted Andy’s life, but also his family and friends. You see, virtue has a positive rippling effect. As it moves outward from us, it impacts others in a good way.

Andrew Lavallee shares his re-conversion experience; that moment in his life when he let down his guard, and let God in; when he sought forgiveness, and was able to forgive; when he sought God’s love, and was able to finally, truly, love others as they deserved to be loved. His story should inspire us all to turn away from vice and turn toward Christ to receive the graces and virtues that Jesus is waiting to bestow on us: Mercy, forgiveness, love, patience, humility.

I applaud Andrew Lavallee for bearing his soul to benefit others. There is one additional virtue that Andrew Lavallee has embraced that is worth mentioning: generosity. He is donating all of the proceeds from this book to an apostolate that he started called Live the Fast. If you are interested in reading his story, you can purchase the book by clicking here. I highly recommend that you do!

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