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Friends are Gifts from God

Ginny and Beth Ann

Best Friends! Virginia, age 6, (left) and Beth Ann, age 5 (right) on a hot summer day in Virginia’s backyard pool.

Friends are gifts from God. Think about your life-long best friend for a moment. Why have you been friends for so long? What keeps your relationship so strong? Certain people come into our lives for a time, and then major life changes, like a job change, or a move across country separates you and the friendship wanes. Yet, with your life-long best friend, neither time and/or space seem to matter. Why do you think that is?

Certain relationships can weather any storm, withstand the test of time, and/or manage any distance, because these friends are true gifts from God. These friends are meant to be in your life for your lifetime. It is God’s will. These friends share roots that run deep. These roots have been nurtured over a lifetime. Nothing can seem to diminish them.

Best of Friends!

In my case, I am thinking of my life-long best friend Beth Ann. We lived around the corner from each other. I cannot remember a day in my life without her. We grew up together in central New Jersey. Our parents were best friends too!

Beth Ann and I have a lot in common, coming from similar families. When it was time for college, we went to different schools. Yet, our friendship survived college. Over the years, our marriages, moves, job changes, etc. never got in the way of our mutual love for each other. Over time, we have laid to rest my father, my mother and her father. We shared the sweetness and the sorrow of life – together. With Beth Ann now living in Connecticut and I in North Carolina, we don’t get to see much of each other these days. However, get us on the phone, and let the laughter ensue! We pick up right where we left off as if no time has lapsed.

Our bond is strong; our roots run deep, and our mutual love for each other is a gift from God. My friendship with Beth Ann reminds me of my friendship with Christ. With Christ by my side, I can weather any storm. His love for me will withstand the test of time. When Jesus and I get started talking with each other, we pick up right where we left off, as if no time has lapsed!

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