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Find Virtue in a Time of Crisis

Find VirtueWith all the illness and death, due to the coronavirus, possibly affecting our relatives and friends, we may find it difficult to see virtue. Yet, the virtues of caring, kindness, patience, generosity, gentleness, love, compassion, courage and hope abound. Especially in times of crisis, we need to find virtue, or we might just go insane!

Find Virtue

Caring: We don’t need to look far to see caring eyes behind those masks of the nurses and doctors.

Kindness: When we see the 7 p.m. round of applause for all of the hospital workers; that is a pure act of kindness, showing gratitude.

Patience: We show patience while waiting for our turn to get that coveted toilet paper.

Generosity: Oregon and California’s generosity were on full display in the lending of ventilators and sharing supplies with those states in more dire need.

Gentleness: Those who do not cast blame, but rather, find solutions, express a sense of gentleness and mercy.

Love: The video clips, showing family members visiting loved ones in nursing homes, standing outside, looking in through the windows is an expression of love.

Compassion: The nurse or doctor, who just completed a 12 hour shift, who can’t wait to get back to work, just to alleviate the suffering of the sick – that’s compassion!

Courage: The Emergency Medical technicians who respond to the 911 calls, not knowing what they are walking into, but who put their lives on the line and work through the fear – that’s courage!

Hope: With every crisis that befalls mankind, we must know that God is with us always. He will never leave us. He will either bring us through, or bring us home. Either way, His faithfulness, and unconditional love, for each and every one of us, will never cease. Our hope is in Christ Jesus – always has been and always will be.

See the Good

Find virtue in this time of crisis. Just look around. See the good done by your neighbor, family and friends. Count your blessings and feel the gratitude.

Lord, look not on our failings, but look at our virtue. Grace us with your presence and healing. We ask for this through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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