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Find a Real Friend in Jesus – Book Review

real friend jesus bookWhat a joy it was to read Gary Zimak’s new book, Find a Real Friend in Jesus. I had the opportunity to hear Gary speak at this past summer’s Catholic Writers Guild conference in Chicago. IL. He spoke of his journey and his decision to give his life to Christ. He did not make that decision lightly; it came through much prayer and conversation with Jesus. You may wonder, “How do you have a conversation with Jesus?” Well, in Gary Zimak’s book, Find a Real Friend in Jesus, you learn just how easy it can be to see Jesus become your best friend through conversation!

Gary Zimak tackles all of the potential obstacles that stand between you and your ability to develop a strong relationship with Jesus. He breaks down the walls and walks you through ten steps to building a better relationship with Jesus; a relationship better than the one you have today. Whether you have absolutely no relationship, are somewhere in the lukewarm arena, or think you have a strong relationship with Jesus, Gary provides some sound tips to make your relationship with Jesus all the more wonderful.

Finding My Real Friend in Jesus

I specifically had my own AHA moment when I read the following passage:

By changing the order of your petitions and telling the Lord you’re at His service, you will put the needs of others before your own. (Zimak p. 51)

In the past, I always entered into prayer by unloading on Jesus first, all of my own needs and desires; then I would get around to mentioning those who have asked for my prayers. In my prayers, one of the things I always ask for is for the Lord to show me when my pride is rearing its ugly head, so that I can make changes. When I read this passage, I knew that Jesus used Gary to speak to me about my pride. Now, when I enter into prayer I pray for others first, and make a conscious effort to keep my prayers for my own intentions last. My thanks to Gary for showing me the way.

If you, or someone you know, has an interest in really getting to know Jesus and have Him be your best friend, then I highly recommend reading this book and putting the tips into practice. If you do, you will find yourself doing some amazing things in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This book would make a great Christmas gift for someone looking to grow closer to Christ.

If you would like to get your copy of Find a Real Friend in Jesus, click here.

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