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Find It in Your Heart to Care

CareWith all the heartbreak experienced, as a result of the coronavirus, it’s easy to find it in your heart to care. So many people need our prayers. Whether it be the first responders, hospital workers, or the essential employees at your local grocery store and pharmacy, they need for us to care about them. They need our prayers. And let’s not forget those inflicted with the virus, those who have died, and those who mourn. They, too, need for us to care about them. They, too, need our prayers. Then there are those who suffer financially from job loss, or furloughs, and possibly a loss in health insurance coverage. These folks need for us to care about them. They, also, need our prayers.

Find it in Your Heart to Care

How can we help these people? Through prayer, for one thing! Pray for the safety and good health of those trying to take care of us. Pray for those in need of assistance. But most importantly, pray for an end to this pandemic.

Help where you can. For the most part, stay at home. However, when you do need to go out, minimize your trips to the post office, grocery store and pharmacy, maintaining social distancing guidelines. Have Masses said for the sick, dying and those who mourn. Although our churches may not be opened, our priests still say daily Mass. Your Mass offerings will brighten the spirits of those who suffer and mourn, giving them hope, Offer financial assistance to those without work. Bottom line: Find it in your heart to show others just how much you care – yet, do it from a distance to keep yourself safe.

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