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Final Thoughts on Temperance

Final Thoughts on Temperance

Do you make good choices or bad choices? With the virtue of Temperance, it comes down to the choices that we make in life. Do you choose to follow God, or the latest trends? Do you live a healthy lifestyle, or do you overeat and/or drink too much? Do you choose to be faithful to your vocation in life, or do you embrace “relativism” by telling yourself that what you choose to do really isn’t so wrong, even though your conscience tells you otherwise? Are you using the virtues of Prudence and Temperance in your life to build good character or not? What examples do you set for your children as a result of your choices? Do you understand the impact that your choices have on your children?

We are living examples for our children. If you think that they will turn out better than you because of their innocence, regardless of your own choices, think again. If you want your children to embrace virtuous behavior, and build good character, then you need to give them the living example of virtuous behavior today.  Where there is weakness in your life, God will give you strength. Take the problems that overwhelm you and lay them at the Lord’s feet. Pray for Prudence to make wise decisions, Temperance to act appropriately, and Fortitude to change your ways.

Our next virtue that we will discuss will be the virtue of Fortitude, also known as Courage. What is Fortitude? And why is Fortitude important? Learn the answers to these questions in our next reflection.

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