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Feeling Lost? Find Faith!

Find FaithAs a Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Coordinator, I work with people who search for a deeper relationship with Christ.  Some come from other faiths, and others come to my program having never been baptized. When I hear their stories, I hear a common theme; a search for truth. Those that come from the Protestant denominations, come with questions that their former pastors/preachers cannot answer. The unbaptized appear like a clean slate; open to learning how to develop a relationship with Jesus. What is everyone’s goal? To find faith!

If you are feeling lost, then look for the gift of faith in your own heart. God infused within you, at birth, the capability to believe in Him, along with a desire to know and love Him.  He also gifted you with reason and an intellect that He expects you to use to come to know the Truth. Where can you find the Truth? You will find it in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

Faith in Sacred Scripture

Sacred Scripture is the inspired Word of God. It is here, within the pages of the Bible, that God reveals Himself to you. As you read the Biblical passages, and get to know God, (how He thinks and what’s important to Him) you will find reasons to believe.

Faith in Sacred Tradition

Sacred Tradition is the living transmission of the teachings of Jesus Christ, preserved by apostolic succession. When we pass on the teachings of Jesus Christ to future generations, we become the living transmission of the faith. So, my work with RCIA participants is a good example of participating in the living transmission of the faith, so that others may find faith.

Find Faith

So, if you are feeling a little lost, seek faith. Here are a few things that you can do to find faith in the One, True God:

  1. Ask God to strengthen your faith. God will meet you wherever you are at. Follow His lead. Believe in the unseen.
  2. Read Scripture. Regularly attend a Bible Study Group meeting to gain more in-depth knowledge.
  3. Attend weekly church services, at a minimum.
  4. Ask questions of someone knowledgeable of the faith.
  5. Use your reason to come to know the Truth. God is Truth.

If after following these steps, you still have questions, circle back with me. If I do not have the answer to your questions, I have access to those who do.  I would be happy to help you on your journey of faith.

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