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February: The Month of Love and Kindness

love and kindness Today, we usher in February, known familiarly as the month of love and kindness. During this month, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 12-18. And let’s not forget Valentine’s Day smack-dab in the middle of the month on the 14th. We see hearts everywhere, on boxes of candies and greeting cards; in store-front windows and in commercials on TV, as if we needed a reminder to show our love and kindness to others.

I think it is all well and good that we highlight these virtues during the month of February, as I am all in favor of highlighting virtue, given any opportunity! Yet, we are called to express these virtues day in and day out; not just during one week in February.

Test Your Love and Kindness Quotient

Here’s a little quiz for you to see how much love and kindness flows from you on a regular basis:

  1. Do you remember to tell the love of your life “I love you” every morning?
  2. Can you recall doing anything nice for a stranger yesterday? (Maybe you held a door open, or allowed some car to pull in front of you while in traffic).
  3. Did you help someone in need yesterday? (Maybe you took on additional work to ease a co-worker’s burden, or gave someone a ride that took you a little out of your way).
  4. Is it customary for you to say please and thank you to those you interact with throughout any given day?
  5. Do you try to make life easier for others? (Maybe you pick-up after yourself, or put your own dirty dishes in the sink/dishwasher).

If you can answer yes to all five questions above, then love and kindness bursts forth from you, day-in and day out. If on the other hand, you answered no to any of the questions above, well then, you know what you need to do during February; the month of love and kindness. Get busy!

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