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Feast of Saint Joseph, A Man of Many Virtues

Saint Joseph Today is the feast day of one of my favorite saints – Saint Joseph. I claim him as one of my favorites, because he was such a virtuous man; a man for anyone to emulate.

Saint Joseph, A Man of Patience

Saint Joseph exhibited patience, a virtue that seems to elude me! With patience, he quietly persevered through many trials and tribulations. For example, he didn’t seem to get flustered, or annoyed, when told to quickly take Jesus and Mary to Egypt, and to remain there for several years, before returning to his homeland. No, he patiently waited for the sign that it was safe to return.

A Man of Humility, Simplicity and Obedience

Saint Joseph, known for his humility, always placed the needs of Jesus and Mary ahead of his own. In his humility, he never lost sight of the fact that everything he had, or knew, came from God, and not of his own accord. He was a simple and obedient man, who gave the glory to God, with faithfulness and prayer. In his humility, simplicity and obedience, he showed his caring nature for Jesus and Mary.

A Man of Chastity and Purity

As to relations with Mary, Saint Joseph respected Mary’s virginity, and his relationship with her was chaste; filled with purity. He was a loving father and adoring husband. As I reflect on Saint Joseph, the man, I think I could name any virtue, and attribute that virtue to this treasured saint.

I look up to him with the same love and respect that I have for my own father, for many of the same reasons; a father’s love, courage and caring nature. So, today, I wish Saint Joseph a happy feast day! May you be feasting on the Glory of God. May perpetual light shine upon you. Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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6 Responses to Feast of Saint Joseph, A Man of Many Virtues

  • I much appreciate your choice of a painting showing St. Joseph as a young man, in the vigor of life. And this is how he is represented in his great Oratory in Montreal. Among others, there is a wonderful depiction of him and the Child Jesus in his workshop.

  • This Christmas I gave blessed holy cards of this exact image of St. Joseph to my nieces and nephews and picture frames with his image to my brothers and sisters as a gift.

  • St Joseph, is a man who with the holy spiritual choice, after being visited by our Lord, gave his life to God, knowing that the Blessed Mother was the way and the life, and the mother of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Blessed be God forever. After God, the Blessed Mother, virgin Mary, is the greatest power in heaven and on earth. I love you Jesus. I love you Blessed Mother, all the angels and saints.

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