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Feast of Saint Benedict of Nursia

Saint BenedictToday is the feast of Saint Benedict of Nursia, Italy. Saint Benedict was a late 5th, early 6th century saint, who founded the Benedictine Order. He is considered the father of monasticism, most notable for building twelve monasteries used to house laity. During this time in history, monasteries were built for housing the religious. However, God had other plans for monasteries! This beloved saint is a great example of how God uses us to work in accordance with His plan, and sometimes we don’t even know it until we look back and see his handiwork.

Saint Benedict, the Builder of Monasteries

Saint Benedict came from Roman nobility, and could have had a very easy life. Yet, all he wanted was to go into the wilderness, live in a cave, and seek God in prayer, all by himself. So, that is exactly what he did. However, as I said, God had other plans! While Benedict was living in the cave, people would come by seeking his advice. The crowds grew and grew! They wanted to learn all that they could from this beloved man. Saint Benedict soon realized that these people weren’t going to leave.  They needed housing and education. So, he built twelve monasteries to house them. Then, he addressed the need for education, along with a need for organization and structure. From his efforts, Saint Benedict wrote the Rule of St. Benedict, a common sense guide for living a virtuous life, directed toward the laity.

So, as we celebrate this wonderful saint today, let us ask Saint Benedict to pray for us. May he intercede on our behalf, guiding us to living a virtuous life by his example.

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