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Feast Day of Saint Dominic

Saint DominicTo all my friends, who are Third Order Dominicans, I wish you a happy Feast Day of Saint Dominic. We honor this gifted saint by acknowledging him as the founder of the Order of Preachers; otherwise known as the Dominicans. The laity who follow in Saint Dominic’s ways represent the Third Order Dominicans. Like Dominic, they embrace poverty and obedience. They do their part to carry on in Saint Dominic’s name by evangelizing the faithful. Some do it through their writing, others through public speaking. Then, there are those who simply preach the Good News by their witness in living a Christ-like life.

Saint Dominic – Preacher and Traveler

Dominic, a 12th century Diocesan priest, was an exceptional preacher of the Good News. He preached in love and service toward his neighbor. Yet, his work was not confined to a local parish. Of Spanish descent, Dominic embarked on missions to France and Italy, with the goal of dispelling burgeoning heresies. His successful work resulted in what we know today as evangelical preaching.

In establishing the Order of Preachers, Dominic sent out disciples, two by two, to open schools of theology, throughout Spain, France and Italy during the early 13th century. Access to theological study drew many people to the Dominican order, thus making the Dominicans noted for university studies, as well as spiritual direction.

As with Saint Dominic, the Dominicans of today are seekers of truth, goodness, and all things beautiful; filled with love, life and the Spirit. They seek to live life with authenticity, working hard to bring truth to light.

On this, Saint Dominic’s feast day, let us ask him to pray for us:

Saint Dominic, pray for us! Ask God to give us right speech, true goodness and beauty, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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