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Faithfulness: God’s Promise! How Do We Respond?

Faithfulness Faithfulness is both a virtue and a fruit of the Holy Spirit. As a virtue, it is a belief in and trust of another with an unwavering loyalty. As a fruit of the Holy Spirit, God’s faithfulness to each of us is just that – unwavering. He will never turn His back on us; He will never leave our sides. God calls us to be faithful to Him in the same way that He is faithful to us. Therefore, He asks us to trust in Him. “Trust in the Lord and do good that you may dwell in the land and live secure. Find your delight in the Lord who will give you your heart’s desire” (Psalm 37:3-4). God will always give us what we need.

God’s Promise of Everlasting Faithfulness

God promises everlasting faithfulness to each one of us in Psalm 100, where the Psalmist says: “Give thanks to God, bless His name; good indeed is the Lord. Whose love endures forever, whose faithfulness lasts through the ages” (Psalm 100:4-5).

Where We Fail

In every relationship, there is a two way connection; in this case, between God and each one of us. Therefore, if God is unwavering in His faithfulness to us, and there is a disconnect in our relationship with God, then it is because:

a) We think we know what is best for ourselves and act out with self-pride

b) Our faith is weak

c) Our trust in God is weak or non-existent.

d) We are the ones who have been disloyal in our relationship with God.

We are human, and thusly, we are sinners. By sinning, we turn our backs to God and become disloyal and unfaithful.

How to Improve Our Faithfulness to God

Through the sacrament of Reconciliation, along with a commitment to faithfulness to God, our relationship with God is restored. Within the sacrament of Reconciliation, God strengthens us with the virtue of increased Faith.  He graces us with increased trust in Him. Therefore, I encourage you to seek the sacrament of Reconciliation and receive the graces of Christ.

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