Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Faith – The Beginning of Everlasting Life


Holy Trinity

Our goal in this life is to live in accordance with God’s will and His commands, with the hope of spending everlasting life with God in Heaven. Through the eyes of faith, we believe that this can be accomplished only because of God’s mercy on our souls; for no one “earns” their way into Heaven.  We are all sinners and thus, our sinfulness stands between us and God. We must be purified and holy to enter Heaven. Who among us can make that claim today – no one! Through the mercy of God and the sanctification of our souls, we may enter Heaven, where we will see God’s face.

In this world, through faith, we have a foretaste of the Beatific Vision that we will behold once we have entered Heaven. The Beatific Vision is seeing God face-to-face; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In this world, it is through faith that we see God in His creation; in our brothers and sisters in Christ; in the Scriptures. Today, through faith, we believe in the unseen. One day, we will cross the threshold of this world, into the next, and we will partake of the Beatific Vision for eternity. The unseen will be seen – that is our great hope!

Before we move to the next great virtue – HOPE, I have a “musical” treat for you in our next reflection that demonstrates how faith and hope work together! Don’t miss it!

What questions do you have about faith that we might not have touched upon in this series of reflections on the virtue? What comments might you want to share about faith yet to be voiced? Enter the conversation in the comments section.

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