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Facing Struggles? You are Never Alone! Who is with You?

Facing Struggles Do you ever get the feeling that when you are facing struggles, you are alone? That no one other than you face such challenges? That everyone else seems to have it so much easier? That is exactly what happened to me recently.

Back in 2008, when the US suffered the financial meltdown, and many people lost their jobs, I was one of the lucky ones who maintained my job. Selfishly, at the time, I didn’t give this national problem much attention, because it didn’t impact me directly. Now eight+ years later, with an unemployment rate lower than 5%, my husband lost his job in August, and at 63 is having difficulty finding a new job. With such a low unemployment rate, we don’t know anyone else in such a position – therefore, we feel as though we face this struggle alone.

Then one day, I was standing in line at my local bank, and I looked around. I had an epiphany of sorts. I realized that every single soul in my view had a problem, just like me. Where mine was my husband’s unemployment, another’s might be a life-threatening illness, or an impending foreclosure, or a marriage in shambles. Everyone has problems! Somehow, that moment of clarity gave me some solace. Not that misery loves company, but that we all have something to address, and in some instances the struggles seem insurmountable. Yet, we all have someone in common.

Facing Struggles with Jesus

We all have Jesus Christ, right by our sides, assisting us in addressing the struggles we face. Therefore, we are never alone! The Lord understands each of our needs and He delivers.

As I stood in line at the bank, I was filled with hope and gratitude, realizing that problems are transitory. They come and they go; yet the Lord is constant. My hope is in Jesus to show me the way to resolve our problem. I am grateful for His provisions.

If you have what seems to be an insurmountable problem, look to Jesus to place that problem into its proper perspective. He will help you face your struggles. He will always be by your side and you will never be alone.

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4 Responses to Facing Struggles? You are Never Alone! Who is with You?

  • This reminds me to compassionately pray for and with struggling families from all sorts of concerns in life.

  • I’ve learned this lesson, too. Along with the fact that Jesus embraced me in my struggle through the scriptures I read, through the arms of the people who held me as I wept, the others who reached out with small acts of kindness such as a note, a card, a hospital visit, and even the casserole delivered to our door – Jesus walked with me through those who acted in His name. I believe I take Jesus with me and when I interact with people in our world, I do it in His name.

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