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Facing Fears in Uncharted Waters; A Call to Action

Facing Fears As we head into uncharted waters with President-Elect Trump, many people fear for their safety and livelihood. These fears are not as “unfounded,” as President-Elect Trump’s son, Donald Jr., would like us to believe, based upon an interview with Leslie Stahl of 60 minutes. These fears are real. Whether you are a person of color, a person of the Islamic faith, a family member of illegal immigrants, a woman, a family in need of health care coverage through the Exchange, or a disabled person, people may be negatively impacted by his statements/proposals, if they come to fruition.

  • President-Elect Trump’s position on gun control, as well as his racially divisive statements, negatively impact people of color.
  • Mr. Trump’s divisive statements regarding those who practice the Islamic faith, have Muslims fearing for their lives.
  • His stance on immigration, as well as his racially divisive statements against Hispanics, negatively impact the Latino community.
  • His misogynist statements demean women.
  • Lastly, his stance on repealing and replacing health care leaves many people who rely on this law, feeling uneasy and insecure.

So, Donald Trump Jr. thinks that these fears are unfounded. How can he seriously believe such a thing, if his father lives up to his commitment to carry through on the proposals and viewpoints expressed during the campaign? Maybe Donald Jr. knows something the rest of America does not know. If President-Elect Trump’s statements made on the campaign trail were overblown, just to get elected, then where is he really taking us? Therein lies the crux of the fear. Which Donald Trump will we inaugurate as our 45th president? He recently stated on the news that we are not to take him “literally.” If we cannot trust that what he says is what he will do, then how can we trust him at all?

We do not know how his actions will impact the global stage and how our allies will react. Yet, we received a snippet this past week with President-Elect Trump taking a phone call from the leader of Taiwan. Such action apparently goes against American protocol where no president over the past few decades has ever spoken directly to the person holding this office in Taiwan, as it goes against the “one China” perspective. The leaders of China did not appreciate this phone call; however, they apparently were willing to chalk it up to Donald Trump’s naiveté. With this recent instance, President-Elect Trump is either naïve, or calculating; either response chills me, causing me to wonder where this all leads in the next few years on the global stage.

Uncertainty breeds fear; a level of uncertainty unprecedented in recent elections. At least when we elected past Presidents, we knew the road we would tread, whether we liked it or not; predictable and stable. Today, we collectively walk an uncertain path.

“No, Donald Trump Jr., these fears are not unfounded!” These fears are unprecedented. Never have we had such a reaction at the conclusion of an election of a President with protests in the streets. I have lived for six decades, never witnessing demonstrations in the streets denouncing the winner of the presidential election, until now. These fears are real, and fear comes from the devil, who has been extremely busy this past year pitting us against each other; disrupting the peace!

Facing Fears – What We Can Do

I ask all of my followers to please do the following:

  1. Pray for increased trust and faith in God, who is always by our sides.
  2. Pray for re-unification within our families, remembering the love that we share for each other.
  3. Ask God to grace you with respect for the opinions of others with whom you disagree within your communities.
  4. As Patroness of the United States of America, ask the Blessed Mother for her prayers for our nation.
  5. Pray that our allies have patience with us as we figure this all out.

May Our Lord intervene and guide President-Elect Trump to make the right choices for the common good. May God grant us all Christ’s Peace.

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