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eXtreme Blindside – Book Review

eXtreme BlindsideIn eXtreme Blindside, (the second in a series of mystery novels), by Leslea Wahl, we meet up with teen sleuths Jake Taylor and Sophie Metcalf. Jake, fresh off his Silver Olympic Medal win heads to the Madness Games, in Colorado. Sophie, Jake’s girlfriend, longing to one day be a journalist, gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a noted magazine covering the Madness Games. While at the Games, Jake and Sophie, wind up investigating some strange happenings, such as numerous athlete injuries and equipment tampering. It’s all too coincidental for Jake and Sophie. So, they start snooping around. Lo and behold, they get themselves into some trouble with some unsavory characters.

eXtreme Blindside

Who gets extremely blindsided in this adventure? Will Jake, one of the top athletes get injured, or will he be spared?  Will Sophie’s journalistic skills uncover the cause of these strange happenings, or will she be blindsided by the bad guys?

Ah, to learn the answers to these tantalizing questions, you must read the book! I highly recommend this book for anyone over the age of 13. I’m 62, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this page-turner!

Leslea Wahl does an excellent job at keeping the reader engaged. She also shows the depth of knowledge needed to craft a story about sports, with authenticity. The teens in your life will highly value this book.

I can’t wait to see where Leslea Wahl will take Jake and Sophie on their next adventure. I know that I will be one of the first to read her next book. If you can’t wait to read eXtreme Blindside, then click here.

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