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Experiencing Doubt? Seek Confidence in God

Seek ConfidenceWhen I speak of seeking confidence, I am not referring to confidence in anything humanity has to offer. Confidence in one’s own abilities is fleeting. Any confidence one might have in others is subject to disappointment as a result of selfishness. Instead, I suggest that we all need to seek confidence in God. So, when you experience doubt, confusion, and distress, seek confidence in what God can do for you.

God is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipresent (ever present). Our Lord knows what is best for you and has the power to make things happen for you. He knows your future, and what you need. Also, He never leaves your side. He walks the journey with you, guiding you, comforting you, and giving you confidence in His abilities. God gives us everything we need to fulfill His plan for us.

Seek Confidence

I experience my own doubts, confusion and distress. For example, a family member recently told my husband and me that she has cancer. Such a diagnosis can easily lead a person to doubt God’s presence. Why would He let something like this happen? Such a diagnosis can lead to confusion. What will happen to our loved one? And if all that is not enough, such a diagnosis leaves us unsettled. Cancer is daunting and can make us feel like the mountain to better health is insurmountable. It is at times like this when we need to seek confidence; not only in the doctors and science, but in God as well.

We need to remember that with God’s omnipotence, all things are possible. With His omniscience, God knows what is best for our loved one, and with His omnipresence, we know that He will comfort us in our distress, guide us in determining the best course of action, and never leave our sides.

When life presents you with challenges that seem insurmountable, remember to seek confidence in God.  Rather than experiencing doubt, confusion and distress, you will experience Christ’s Peace. Why? Because you have placed your problem in God’s hands, and He wants only what is best for you.

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