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Envy will Disappoint You – Every Time! Be Content!

envy We continue with the second installment of our seven part series on the seven deadly sins. Today we discuss envy.

How many times have you wished that you could buy a fancy new car like the neighbors? Or take a vacation to an exotic place like some friend? Or get a big raise, like your older sibling just got? It is not wrong to want these things too. However, when you begin to resent these people for what they have that you do not, then you become envious. When you allow envy to take hold in your heart, you only set yourself up for disappointment and sorrow – every time! Rather than counting one’s blessings, the envious person counts what is missing from his or her life. Envy is ugly. It brings out the worst in a person. Envy makes a person appear petty and ungrateful, and other people do not appreciate associating with envious people.

Moving from Envy to Contentment

So, you say that you don’t want to be envious of others, but don’t know how to let go of such feelings? Well, start by mentally making a list of all that you are grateful for today. Maybe you are grateful for a roof over your head, food on your table, clothes on your back, a means to get to work, a job, good health, and health insurance. The list could go on and on. I’m sure that you can think of many more things to add to the list. As the list grows, take note of your mood. You will find that you are moving from envy to contentment. Gratitude has a way of doing that to you!

When you realize and acknowledge before God all for which you are grateful, contentment takes hold of your heart and envy dissipates. Always remember that absolutely everything that we have, right down to each breath of fresh air that we take in, is a gift from God. It can all end in the blink of an eye. Do you want for your life to end with feelings of envy, or feelings of gratitude and contentment?

We will continue on Monday with the third of seven posts on the seven deadly sins. On Monday we discuss lust.

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4 Responses to Envy will Disappoint You – Every Time! Be Content!

  • Very sound advice. Envy is not becoming, but more importantly destructive to one’s soul. It’s a short leap from envy to actually doing things that are beyond emotions. But I bet it starts with envy.

  • This is a common struggle I think because we live in a world that constantly says we are not enough. So we look at other people and figure they have it better than we do. Or maybe I think it’s common because I struggle with it and don’t want to be alone 🙂

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