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Ending the Partisanship! Finding Solutions!

Finding SolutionsI don’t know about you, but I am tired of the partisanship that pervades the halls of the U.S. Government, as well as society in general. Rather than sticking to the prescribed partisan “talking points” of divisiveness, we need to find solutions that positively impact the American majority. Who cares if a good idea comes from a Democrat or a Republican, if the idea is a good one? Finding solutions can be accomplished, if we, and our lawmakers, would act as follows:

  1. Collaborate! Truly listen to each other and seek the best ideas to solve problems, regardless of the point of origin.
  2. Compromise! God never said that he would give us everything that we want. So, why do we and our lawmakers think it should be that way? We need to learn how to compromise, where both sides believe needs get met for the benefit of the common good.
  3. Collegiality! We need to see each other as human beings, friends, and fellow children of God. Our Lord meant for us to live in community with each other; to find that common ground, and to solve problems. Develop good working relationships with each other, based upon trust, respect and truth.

Finding Solutions

We end partisanship when we end the divisiveness. Will it take another 9/11 for us to come together as Americans? Or, can we rise above the pettiness of partisanship and embrace collaboration, compromise and collegiality? When we turn from finger-pointing to collaborating, from digging-in to compromising, and from strangers to colleagues, we will find fruitful solutions to the problems that plague our country. Should we, and our lawmakers, choose to embrace collaboration, compromise and collegiality, all Americans will reap the benefits, which will flow outward to the rest of society. Let’s get moving in that direction!

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