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Emily’s Hope, by Ellen Gable – Book Review

Ellen GableIn Emily’s Hope, by Ellen Gable, Gable gives us a glimpse into the two mindsets of the abortion/pro-life movements. In this fictional tale, Gable introduces us to Katherine Clayman, circa early 20th century, when women did not have the right to an abortion, let alone the right to vote. We learn of the illegality of ending a pregnancy and the lengths women would go to do just that.  Kathryn is a proponent of ending unwanted pregnancies and she doesn’t believe in God. Her philosophy was, “we live our lives, then we die and that’s the end of us.” (p.304).

Contrast that thought with that of Emily Greer, Katherine’s Great-Granddaughter, who believes in the sanctity of life. Emily, born in 1959, sees life as a precious gift from God. She believes in a God who is the giver of life; seeing children as the fruit of self-giving love between a husband and wife. Katherine and Emily’s viewpoints on life offer a stark contrast, worthy of the read. Throughout the novel, Gable takes us back and forth between the generations and their viewpoints, decisions and actions, that they each take, as it pertains to having children.

Ellen Gable is Masterful

Gable does an excellent job at bringing forth the teachings of the Catholic Church into the content of the story. She explains why the Church takes the stance it takes regarding abortion, natural family planning, the use of contraception and sexual relations reserved for spouses. Gable masterfully weaves this teaching into the fabric of the story, without coming across as preachy. After reading the story, you will walk away with a better understanding for why we should all respect life.

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