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Embracing Temperance Over the Holidays

Embracing TemperanceNow that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, odds are we are all up a pound, or two, or three… With all the holiday parties, it is so easy to overindulge; so easy to gain weight. Embracing temperance, this holiday season, can be a gift to ourselves and to Christ.

When we refrain from that extra piece of pumpkin pie, the cookies, and the hot chocolate with whipped cream, we save on the calories. The “sacrifice” we make, by saying no to the goodies, can be offered up to Jesus, in thanksgiving for His sacrifice on the Cross.

When we refrain from drinking too much, we prevent scandal to our reputations. The “sacrifice” we make, by saying no to the alcohol, can be offered up to Jesus in thanksgiving for His love for us.

When we refrain from overspending on holiday gifts, we save money for those needed expenses. The “sacrifice” we make, by saying no to extravagance, can be offered up to Jesus, in thanksgiving for always providing what we need.

Embracing temperance takes some practice

The holiday season is the perfect time to begin. Think twice before taking that piece of pie, drinking that extra drink, or making that purchase. Use your common sense, and thank Jesus for that, too! If you do, then you will feel better about yourself afterwards. When you don’t gain the weight, you’ll feel great! If you don’t take that drink, you’ll drive home safely. If you save your money, in December, you will feel blessed, come January. Your Christmas bills will be so much less. Give it a try. Embracing temperance is freeing!!!

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