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Embracing Fortitude Part II of III

Thomas Davis

Have you ever just wanted to give up, because the task at hand seems too hard? Life is hard and overwhelming at times, but the person graced with fortitude will not give up, and will plow ahead to complete the task at hand. How many times have you, or a friend, or a family member come back from a sports injury?  My word, look at Thomas Davis from the Carolina Panthers. He has come back from, not one, not two, but three ACL injuries to his knee. Sometimes football players never play again after one ACL injury. In the 2013 season, after having gone through three restorations of the same knee, he was playing at his professional best. Recuperating from ACL injuries is painful. It takes tremendous fortitude to rise from weakness to full strength. Thomas’ knee could easily be physically repaired to functional status, but the psychological strength needed to rise up once again to NFL caliber would need to come from God.

Hear from the man himself about what it took to rise from the depths to the top of the heap.

Thomas Davis never gave up. Neither should you. God gives us challenges so that we can grow; to be an inspiration to others facing the same ordeal, and it is fortitude that propels us to where we need to be and to do what we need to do.

Do you have fortitude to stand up for what you believe in? We will address that question in the third reflection on embracing fortitude. Don’t miss it!

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