Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Embracing Fortitude – Part I of III


How might we embrace Fortitude in our lives? One way that we can embrace Fortitude is by accepting the uncertainty of change. Life is change. When grounded in faith, we understand that some things are unchangeable, like Truth. With an understanding of Truth, being Jesus Christ, we are able to accept change and all the uncertainty it brings with it, because we know that through faith, Jesus has our best interests in mind. Jesus will see us through the trials and tribulations of our lives. He will not give us more than we can handle. He understands our fears, and gives us the strength to overcome our trials and tribulations.

Here’s a short video that bests depicts what I am trying to express:

Have faith in Jesus. He will not let you down. Ask Him for fortitude, and then watch what happens in your life. You will do amazing things!

Have you ever just wanted to give up, because the task at hand seems too hard? In our next reflection on the virtue of Fortitude, we will address that question. Don’t miss it!

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