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Embrace the Goodness of Charity This Christmas

Goodness of CharityYou know the saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Perhaps what you did not know was that this adage comes from Scripture. Saint Paul made this comment while giving a farewell speech to the people of Miletus. He instructed them on the importance of helping the weak. For, it is through the goodness of charity, that we make life more bearable for others. In return, we experience inner peace and joy because of the goodness of our actions.

How to Embrace the Goodness of Charity

Christmas is a wonderful time to step outside of our comfort zones and pay heed to the less fortunate; to make their lives more bearable; to strengthen the weak. Here are some ways in which you can bring the goodness of charity to others:

  1. Purchase the items for a Christmas dinner, and donate the food to your local food bank, or Church. Or, give a monetary donation to your local food bank.
  2. Take a tag(s) from the Angel Tree at your parish. Purchase noted Christmas gifts for those who would otherwise not open any Christmas presents.
  3. Find a ministry at your parish, that aligns with your talents, and donate your time to bring joy and hope to others.

If you step outside of your comfort zone and do any one of these things, or perhaps employ other ideas of your own, you will find that it is easy embrace the goodness of charity. You will live up to the instructions of Saint Paul, finding that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

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