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Embrace Self-Control During the Holiday Season

Embrace Self-ControlSelf-control and the holiday season go together like a pair of mismatched socks! Yet, if we were willing to embrace self-control during this holiday season, rather than get carried away by all the scrumptious food, drink and purchases, then our wallets will be fatter, and our waistlines will be thinner. I consider that a win-win situation.

Embrace Self-Control

It’s not easy cutting back on the sweets or foregoing the purchase of what seems like the perfect gift. And no one is saying that we shouldn’t partake in either. I’m just saying that we need to maintain a healthy balance. We can accomplish this if we have a game plan.

As to the calories, create a limit per day. Or, create a limit to the number of events for which you plan to partake. Counter the increased calories with some increase to the exercise routine.

As to the purchases, create a dollar budget limit, and stick to it. If money’s tight, then consider making some gifts. That beautiful cashmere sweater might be lovely, but a cotton sweater also keeps your loved one warm in the winter. So, act responsibly when pulling out the credit card this season.

Think twice before you put food in your mouth or take money out of your wallet. Embrace self-control and come January 1st you will be very pleased with yourself. It’s a good feeling to feel healthier and debt-free. It might be something that you would want to continue doing throughout 2020. By following these suggestions, you might get thinner while your wallet gets fatter! And, you will have mastered the virtue of self-control, too!

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