Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Embrace Knowledge of God


We embrace knowledge, because we are innately drawn to the good – that being God, for God and all that He created is good. Throughout our entire earthly journey we seek to know truth, and God is Truth. If we want what is good and true, then we want God. We want to know Him. There are many different ways to obtain knowledge and we’ll cover that in our next post. For today though, it is the desire to know God better that brings us closer to Truth; something we all seek. For it is in Truth that we find answers to our questions, and we are a curious people. So why should you embrace knowledge where you become more aware of God and actually take the time to get to know Him? To find the Truth, that’s why.

God knew us before we were ever conceived, as He tells the prophet Jeremiah:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I dedicated you; a prophet to the nations, I appointed you” (Jeremiah 1:5).

God also knew you before He formed you, and he created you with a purpose in mind. You have a job to do for Him. Now it is your turn to get to know God by using the gift of knowledge to seek Him out; to discern what He has planned for you. He will reveal Himself to you in Scripture, through Divine Revelation, through the teachings of the Church, through your neighbor, through nature. When you embrace knowledge of God, you embrace Truth; when you embrace Truth, you embrace God. To me, that’s a really good reason to embrace knowledge!

How does one obtain knowledge of God? We’ll address the answer to that question in the next reflection on the virtue of knowledge. Don’t miss it!

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