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Editing Services

Editing ServicesMy specialty is non-fiction, acting as a line and/or copy editor for books of reflections, short stories and poetry. How does what I do differ from a developmental or content editor? Let’s first define each type:

Developmental Editor: Works with authors writing a series of books. A developmental editor looks at the big picture (story line, plot, character development, theme, writing style, etc.) (Usually fictional manuscripts)

Content Editor: Works with authors to develop chapters and scenes within a single novel, looking to tighten up the story and remove the excess fluff.  (Usually fictional manuscripts, but can be considered for complex non-fiction books)

Line Editor: Works with authors to ensure proper sentence structure. We line editors literally edit line by line, looking to turn passive voice sentences into active voice. We look for excess words to delete, and we ensure the proper application of spelling, grammar and punctuation. (Usually non-fiction manuscripts)

Copy Editors: Work with authors to ensure the proper notation of all necessary references and footnotes, while also ensuring that proper spelling, grammar and punctuation were applied (Non-fiction manuscripts).

When do you need to hire an editor?

If you plan to self-publish, then it is a good idea to hire an objective person, with editing skills, to review your manuscript. That second set of eyes will pick up on your “don’ts” of the writing profession and polish up your manuscript. Perhaps you write in passive voice. Or, maybe you overuse adverbs. Or, perhaps you tend to use excessive words. The investment in a professional line editor will be worth every penny you pay for the service. If you have a non-fiction manuscript, with a need for a line/copy editor, then you have come to the right place!

What can you expect to pay?

Before I could answer that question, I would need to see your manuscript. By looking through the manuscript, I can gauge the amount of work needed, and then offer you a price quote. Factors I look for:

  • Length of manuscript (word/page count)
  • Experience level of the author (first-time writer, or experienced?)
  • Complexity of the subject matter
  • Amount of references/footnotes required
  • Your timeline to production

Contact Info:

E-mail me at ginny@virginialieto.com for a price quote. Written estimates provided, with a detailed scope of work outlined. References supplied upon request.