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Dying for Revenge: Book Review

Dying for Revenge Wow! Oh, wow! Dying for Revenge, the debut novel by Barbara Golder is fantastic! Talk about page-turners! Barbara Golder had me hooked from page one. The characters are deep and riveting, to the point where you won’t truly understand the depth of each character until you read the last page of the book. And don’t skip a word! Everything within the storyline is important – very well laid out.

The lead character, Dr. Jane Wallace, is the Forensic Pathologist for western Colorado, unable to forgive, let alone have any mercy for the murderer of her own husband. To handle the pain, she steels herself from human interaction by engrossing herself with autopsies on the dead in the little resort town of Telluride, Colorado. To Jane’s surprise, murder follows her to Telluride, and she finds herself in the midst of several mysterious murders thanks to a .22 caliber gun (or is it multiple guns?). Are these random murders, or is there a serial killer on the loose? And if so, why in sleepy little Telluride?

Dr. Jane Wallace is one smart cookie. Not only does she have a medical degree, but she also has a law degree, and she puts both to good use as she sets out to solve these crimes. What she learns along the way is that there is more to life than pain.

Dr. Jane Wallace may be dying for revenge of own her husband’s senseless death, but she is also Catholic. Her faith, at times, communicates one thing to her soul, while her head thinks otherwise. As she wrestles with solving the mysterious murders in Telluride, watch her also wrestle with the virtues of love, peace, joy and happiness.

Barbara Golder can consider me her new #1 fan! I can’t wait to read the second in the series. I hope that after you read Dying for Revenge, you’ll feel the same as me.

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