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Dying for Compassion, by Barbara Golder – Book Review

Dying for Compassion Dying for Compassion, by Barbara Golder is sure to be a hit! As with Golder’s first book, Dying for Revenge, familiar characters return for more mysteries to solve. Once again, we meet our Lady Doc, Jane Wallace, the lead character. She is a strong, feminine role model carrying the titles of forensic pathologist, medical examiner, AND lawyer – quite an accomplished woman!  In Dying for Compassion, Jane is faced with several deaths occurring in her town; unexplained poisonings and a possible case of euthanasia. As the intentions behind these deaths stump Jane, she is thrown off-kilter in her personal life.

The storyline from Dying for Revenge carries through to Dying for Compassion. In Dying for Revenge, Jane processed grief from the loss of her husband, John. She meets author, Eoin Connor, who helps her through her grief and the two develop a romantic relationship. Fast forward to Dying for Compassion, and Eoin Connor becomes a central character.

Everything is going swimmingly between Jane and Eoin, until one night at dinner at a local restaurant. Enter Fiona (Eoin’s ex-wife), who claims after decades apart, that she wants to get back together with Eoin.

How will Jane handle this bombshell of information? Why didn’t Eoin ever get an annulment? What does this mean for Jane and Eoin’s future? Why is Fiona showing up now, after going through multiple husbands? And why Eoin? Fiona’s been married five times!

Golder’s characters are rich with intensity, depth and soul; to the point where you feel like Jane Wallace is your friend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In it, I found mercy and compassion; love and forgiveness. This is Catholic fiction at its best! When I say “Catholic Fiction,” I use this label because Golder displays the Catholic faith in action within everyday lives; people witnessing to the faith in an un-preachy way. Father Matt was a supporting character in Dying for Revenge, and he returns in Dying for Compassion. We read about Father Matt caring for an elderly priest, suffering from dementia. We learn that even a priest can lose his temper when the elderly priest unknowingly eats Father Matt’s dinner!

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I highly recommend reading Dying for Revenge first, and then reading Dying for Compassion, so that you can grow to love Golder’s characters as much as I do. I can’t wait to see what Barbara Golder does with her third book in the series.

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