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Do You Remember to Thank Jesus Daily?

Thank JesusIn today’s Gospel, we hear about the exchange between Jesus and one the ten lepers. Of the ten, only one Samaritan leper came back to thank Jesus for curing him. Jesus’ response was rather frank, and in the form of a series of questions:

Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God? (Luke 17:17-18)

So, I’ll get right to the point, on this post. Are you more like the nine who failed to return to give thanks? Or, are you more like the one Samaritan leper because you thank Jesus routinely for His blessings? Maybe, you are somewhere along the spectrum between these two extremes.

Thank Jesus Today

Everything good that we have comes from God; from the bowl of cereal, in the morning, to the pillow we lay our heads on at the end of the day. It is God who provides the clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, roofs over our heads. God provides the work we do, the opportunities that cross our paths, and the education we receive.

God forgives us when we err and loves us unconditionally. He graces us with every virtue we need to traverse on this journey we call life. He stands by us in times of trouble, never taking an eye off us. God takes tribulations and turns them into triumphs.

So, if Jesus were to stand in front of you today, and look you, directly in the eye, would he call you grateful, or ungrateful? If the former, then have a nice day. If the latter, then you have some thanking to do. Get started, because He deserves your thanks. Count your blessings, and thank Jesus today!

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