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Do You Believe Christ Can Heal You?

Christ Healing the Sick In today’s Gospel reading from Mark 6:53-56, we hear of Christ giving His healing touch to so many people. More than that though, we learn of the faith of the people who believed that “they might touch only the tassel on his cloak” (Matt 6:56) and be healed. And yes, merely touching the tassel of his cloak was sufficient. Fast forward 2,000 years. Do you believe today, that Jesus can heal you? Do you believe in His power? I do!

Jesus Christ Responds to Prayer

Recently, my sister, a paraplegic, entered the hospital, with medical concerns. Many people said many prayers for her healing. The doctors were concerned because after two tries at some tests, the results were inclusive. Her situation required consultation with experts, to obtain a proper diagnosis. For a few weeks, (over the Christmas holidays), we all held our breath, and said many prayers. Then the results came back and we learned that she would be fine! Since then, my sister underwent successful surgery to address the problem.

Jesus heard our call, and, in this instance, He answered it with a healing touch. In my situation, the answer to our prayers aligned with our request. Yet, at other times, not everyone is so fortunate. Sometimes the answer is no – and the test results do evidence serious illness. We all know someone who has suffered from some serious illness. For many of us, we also suffered the loss of a loved one due to a serious illness. We don’t always get what we want.

Why Does Christ Not Always Answer as We Wish?

So, why does God sometimes grant the physical or spiritual healing touch, as we request, and sometimes He does not? The answer lies in the mystery of His overall plan; a plan for which each one of us has a part. We need to trust, that no matter the outcome, God has everything under control. His will shall be done. We need to persevere in prayer, believing in Christ’s healing touch. He hears our prayers and supplications. We need to believe in the omnipotence of our God; that in God, all things are possible (Matt 19:26).

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