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Dispel Disrespect from Our Society

Dispel DisrespectDo you know anyone who thinks we are not a divided country? Whether it be based upon political, moral, or religious beliefs, we seem to be a society in disagreement. It is as if everyone walks around with blinders on, refusing to see anyone else’s opinion as valid. With that discounting of another’s opinion, we express disrespect. Well folks, it is time to dispel disrespect.

Time to Dispel Disrespect

I recently had a Facebook exchange with some people who did not like my post on Freedom Comes with Responsibility. In that post, I expressed that we all have the freedom to use our intellect and reason and make decisions. I used the wearing of masks to combat the coronavirus as an example. Well, did I get an earful, from those who elect to not wear masks! Now, I could have gotten into an argument with these folks, furthering the division between us. Why? Because, in this post, I recommended wearing masks.

When we choose to argue, for the sake of arguing, then ultimately, we risk showing disrespect for the other person. Sometimes, it is better to be kind than to be right. So how did I handle this situation? I simply responded Matthew 10:14 (I’ll let you look it up!). This Gospel passage will give you the indication of my action taken.

Show Respect

I can respect the opinions of those who elect not to wear masks. I consider where they get their news from, their belief system, etc. Seeking to understand where someone comes from is the first step in showing respect. Keeping the discussion civil is the second step to showing respect. Never escalate in anger. It serves no good purpose.

If we all seek to understand, and remain civil with one another, we can dispel disrespect from our society. It all begins with you and me.

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