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Courage is Needed, Just to Leave the House


Courage is neededWith so many states reopened for business, defying the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines, one must take caution when leaving the home. The Coronavirus has not retreated. It waits, in hiding, ready to ambush us. Until we have a reliable means for treatment, or a vaccine, we risk illness, or possibly death. The question is: How much risk are you willing to take? For my husband and me, we are in the high risk group, as we are both over 60 years of age. Therefore, for us, courage is needed, just to leave the house.

Courage is Needed

My husband and I are not alone. Like many others, the extent of our new routine is a weekly trip to the grocery store, the post office (after hours), and our Church Office to drop off our donations in the mail slot. We keep our interactions with others to a minimum. So, for us, our greatest and only exposure is when we venture on these three weekly trips. Yet, all essential workers are at risk every day. For them, courage is needed consistently. These folks must deal with those whom I’ve tagged as “the selfish and stupid.” You know who I mean. They are the people who just “had to get out of the house!” They couldn’t wait to go out to dinner, or go shopping, or go to the beach. These folks put their own wants and desires ahead of everyone and everything else.

In the meantime, the Coronavirus sits and waits, ready to attack. This means, for the rest of us, that we must act prudently, and with greater caution. And because of the “selfish and stupid,” we all need more courage. Why? Because, the “selfish and stupid” folks will cross our paths, and unknowingly share this insidious disease. As we navigate through this crisis, keep diligent, and act with caution. Be patient in returning to “normal.” Most importantly, though, pray for courage to face whatever may come your way.

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