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Coronavirus – It’s No Joke!

CoronavirusToday is April Fool’s Day, but the Coronavirus is no joke! I’ve seen the footage of young people partying in Florida on Spring Break. I’ve also seen the footage of people congregating in large groups to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. Hello people!!! We have a crisis here that calls for individuals to think more of others and less of themselves – a call for humility. Those partying in Florida, went back home after Spring Break and now run the risk of giving this virus to their parents and/or grandparents. People congregating in large groups place themselves at higher risk of contracting this pandemic of a disease.

Coronavirus – Call to Action

Everyone needs to follow the latest advice put out by the White House. To get that advice, click here. To learn more about the impact of the Coronavirus on everyday life, click here.  This information will give you the latest from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). And finally, I place my own call to action out to each and every one of you: Do not place others in danger. Some people contract the Coronavirus and show no symptoms. However, they can still give the virus to others, especially those at high risk. So, embrace social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.

Embrace the virtues of humility and caring, kindness and compassion, at this difficult time. Together, we will work our way through to the other side of this pandemic. And when we do, we can laugh, hug, and socialize with each other. But, until then, stay safe and follow the guidance of the scientists, for it is they who will guide us to a healthier environment.

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5 Responses to Coronavirus – It’s No Joke!

  • Ginny, Thank You for this great information. Stay Safe! ❤️

    • Hi Jackie: Hope you are doing well and working from home. Some day, I will get over to see you and bring your casserole dish with me. No sooner got my feet underneath me, and i came down with the flu in early March. Stay safe and healthy! – Peace, Ginny

  • I’ve been home teleworking for my third week. Makes work more difficult but makes the commute very simple. The virus is a lot more dangerous than people realized at the beginning. China led the world astray. Keep safe. This too shall pass.

    • Stay safe Manny. If memory serves me correctly, aren’t you on Staten Island, in the hot spot of all hot spots? Please stay safe and healthy. Keep praying for an end to this pandemic.

      • Yes, I am. Very good memory. The sickening thing is that I hear constant ambulance sirens during the day. Each siren must indicate a poor soul struggling. May God help them all.

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