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Confidence in God: Embrace It!

Embrace Confidence


Confidence in God, and ourselves, comes by acknowledging first and foremost that doubts and fears are part of our existence. They act as the prime drivers for lack of confidence in God and ourselves. However, it is how we handle those doubts and fears that make all the difference.

Check out this one minute video on the topic of confidence, and we’ll discuss it on the other side:





Looking at life through a positive lens, aka excitement, rather than a negative lens, aka doubts and fears, changes our perception of any given situation. When we change our perceptions to look at the positives in life, we gain more confidence. I’ll use my own life as an example. When I graduated from Graduate school, I could have dwelled on the uncertainty of a major life change, transitioning from academia back to working for a living. I could have let the doubts and fears of starting a new business overwhelm me and fill me with anxiety. I made a conscious choice to embrace confidence in God. He will always be by my side, and He will give me everything that I need. I choose to be excited about earning my degree. I count my blessings, telling myself that I have everything that I need for today. God will take care of tomorrow. With this outlook, I grow in confidence in God and confidence in me!

If you have been viewing life through a negative lens, I hope that you will take this challenge to embrace confidence in God. He will never leave you. He will give you what you need. Choose to count your blessings, and look to your future with hope and confidence.

How does one practice confidence? We’ll address the answer to that question in our next reflection on the virtue of confidence. Don’t miss it!

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