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Come Back to Me – Book Review

Come Back to MeCome Back to Me, by Carolyn Astfalk, is the second in a series of romance novels, centered around the Reynolds brothers. Where Chris and Rebecca Reynolds were the lead characters in the first book, Stay with Me, Come Back to Me focuses on Alan Reynolds’ marriage to his wife Jamie.

Come Back to Me

Thanksgiving’s on the horizon, yet that does not stop Jamie from kicking her husband, Alan, out of the house! Alan has no clue what he did to deserve such treatment. On top of that, he has no job, and nowhere else to go, but to his brother Chris’ house. Newlyweds, and soon to be parents, Chris and Rebecca Reynolds welcome Alan into their home, allowing him to temporarily stay in what will be their first baby’s nursery.  That “temporary” arrangement lasts beyond Valentine’s Day! Will Jamie ever take Alan back? Will Alan ever figure out what he needs to change in his life to make things right with his wife?

Astfalk created another entertaining story, with drips of drama throughout, that do not disappoint. Sideline stories, that impact the lead characters, involve a “worldly woman” who is Jamie’s best friend. Will Jamie’s best friend, Megan, get her own act together, or will she be the impetus for the death knell to Jamie’s marriage, and perhaps Chris’ marriage, too?

It is the ending of this story, that stole my heart. I cannot give it away. You need to read it for yourself. The only hint I can give you is that this Morality professor found the ending to be blissful!

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